Monday, April 7, 2008

Gallery Opening!

I'm happy to announce that my show at Papercuts & Gluesticks will be opening on the last Friday in July! Keep your calendars open!

For this, I'm definitely thinking I'll be doing a "carnivale/circus" theme. But, NO CLOWNS! Right now, I'm considering circa 1930, bearded-ladies (of course), acrobats, sword-swallowers, dancers, lion-tamers, wolf-tamers, bear-tamers... Lots of costumes and patterns.
I'm excited to experiment with some new mediums and techniques, as well. Painted cut paper and wood, beeswax... We'll see.

I'll have some examples to post some time later this month!

I was hoping to start my Slovak mythology project for this show, but I think I still have quite an amount of research to complete before I delve into actual Slovak-mythology pieces. So, I'll save it for another show.

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Anonymous said...

What a beautiful looking gallery~congrats on your upcoming show. I love the idea of your theme..should look incredible and I like the idea of using beeswax. I used it awhile back and there are so many possibilities!