Wednesday, April 23, 2008

My First Foray into Beeswax (And a Fresh Blog Facade for Spring!)

And here is the result!

The size is roughly 4x6 inches.
Below is the rather experimental process...
Here you see my workspace, which actually happens to be my coffee table in the living room.

I ended up using both acrylic and oil paint on the bearded ladies (which are drawn in waterproof ink on thick Strathmore paper). I understand that acrylic is incompatible with beeswax, but I used very thin washes, leaving the paper mostly exposed.
After eyeing them a while, I decided they needed a bit more depth, and so I added some oil color as well. It was painfully tedious waiting the next day or so for them to dry...
Here you see them optimistically arranged in their places.
The support was a rectangle of wood, over which I sealed aged patterned paper.
I then built up my layers of wax. The smallest figure was closest to the background, then followed the medium girl, then the largest, with flowers placed at various depths.
As you can see, I departed from the most common technique of beeswax collage - this is much thicker. I wanted a dimensional appearance, so I carved out the wax around each figure, as well as around the flowers and leaves.
This left me with a lovely blister on my drawing finger...

After a couple evenings of carving, polishing, scraping and smoothing - complete!
I welcome your comments! It's definitely a departure from my regular style, but overall, I was pleased with the final work. Rather labor-intensive, so I may attempt a flatter piece next round.


Sarah said...

Wow, that seems super intense . It looks like it was worth the effort though, what a neat body of work it's going to be!

p.s. I like the new layout of your blog being lighter, your lovely work pops a lot more. :)

Anonymous said...

These are so cool. I love the idea of using beeswax..there's so much that can be done with it and if you mess up you can just heat it up with a hair dryer. Hope you do more with these!

Lorajean said...

What a fun project! i love how it had turned out!