Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Gallery Show Photos

The Seven Mustachioed Siblings!
People at work kept asking me what was up with all the bearded ladies and mustached girls...
Nothing! I just have a thing for them right now! Maybe once I do a few hundred of them, the beards will get out of my system...
But then again, maybe not. I love beards!
Above are the Blue Haired Ladies.
This is the only girl who doesn't have a "real" mustache! And oddly enough - she was the only one of the Blue Haired Ladies that sold.
I don't usually draw angels, but anything with wings makes my day.
I guess that goes for antlers, too.
Another mustached girl - I'm keeping her for myself! At least for now...

This one (above) was really difficult for me to part with - I wish no one wanted her so I could keep her for my very own!

Each and every piece was named.

Yeay! Dinosaurs and skulls and big hair - three of my favorite things...

My next post will (hopefully) be some photos of the Papercuts & Gluesticks Gallery show opening that happened some weeks ago. My apologies for the snail's pace posting! It's not easy to sift through all the photographs we took...
And! I have been offered a SOLO show in the Papercuts & Gluesticks Gallery in July! I'm very excited and will post the exact dates when I know.
So much work to do before then!

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