Friday, April 4, 2008

New American Greetings Cards Out!

This one is at Target Stores

Music card

Another music card - I actually really like how this one turned out :)

Target Wedding

WalMart Father's Day

This one makes me happy! Target Wedding Shower

The sink artwork is printed on a square of vellum, with the towels and bubbles printed on the page behind the vellum.

Inside: "Be Best Friends Forever"

Target Wedding

Target Anniversary

Target wedding

Target New Baby

(I like to think that the lamb just ate a bunch of fireworks... or throwing stars. "You've Been Blessed with a New Baby. A New Baby Sheep who Eats THROWING STARS!")


Beth said...

I'm just a random blog browser, but I have to say that I love your design style, and a big Thank You for introducing me to! What a great site!



I find random blog browsing to be very satisfying! Glad you found your way to Etsy - it's definitely a favorite place of mine :)