Thursday, October 11, 2012

Windy October

Last night was rainy, cold, and very blustery!
I'd like to think this outfit, with its thick, woolly tights and long scarf would help keep me cozy.


jodi said...


Fab said...

Great work!
You went to a really awesome School and it shows in your work. Love your color and spirit.

I almost went there, but ended up at RIT with a BFA in Industrial Design. Wish I had a job at a Card Company, part time. What are the chances of that happening?

melissa loves said...

I Love all of your new illustrations so much....wondering if they will end up in your shop, as prints? Featuring one on my blog tomorrow and would love to be able to tell my readers if they will be able to purchase any in the future? Thanks so much!

Gayle said...

Yes, I came over from Melissa's blog and was hoping for a more extensive shop as well. Any thoughts?

Claire Mojher said...

Thanks for the kind words! Yes, I should definitely make some prints available. I'll start working to expand the selection. Thank you for the encouragement!