Tuesday, October 16, 2012

And That's Why You Always Leave a Note.

Arrested Development: You’re Gonna Get Some Walk-Ons

To celebrate the exciting return of the show, the folks from Arrested Development recently held a contest in which you and your friends could potentially win a walk-on role. So, a few of us greeting card artists put our heads (and pencils) together and whipped up a (fake) mini-line of greeting cards for this contest that anyone can download and print out for free!

It’s super easy! Download the high-res files here. They even come with a dotted line for the fold and should print easily to your basic home printer.

And if you like them, please share them to your heart's content!


Amy said...

These are flippin' fantastic!

Claire Mojher said...

Thanks! We didn't win, but they sure were fun to make.