Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Small Painted Pieces

The Firebreather relaxes with some waltzes.

The Bearded Lady’s most treasured possession.

The Fortune Teller keeps a heart in a jar.

The Strongman looks forward to putting his feet up.

The Showgirl received this from a secret admirer.

The Ringleader likes to get away occasionally.

The Tightrope Dancer wears these every Thursday.

These are very small in little golden frames.
Acrylic and graphite on cardboard!


Chrissy ForemanC said...

Oh my Claire, I LOVE your work! Just beautiful. I've started my own blog recently, and it's addictive! How did you get little icons of your work down the left hand side -- they look fabulous!!


Hello and thank you!
The little square thumbnails on the left hand side are from my Etsy.com shop.
They have a script in their site that allows you to put a little preview of your shop on your blog or website - and whenever you put a new piece in your shop, it updates automatically in your blog.
Good luck in your art-blogging ventures!