Sunday, August 10, 2008

And Now Back To Our Regular Programming...

Or, that's the plan, at least.
Sorry for all the missed posts! I'm still recovering after a good pummeling from a nasty throat virus. Blogging was the last thing on my mind (although I didn't completely forget - just couldn't quite get to it).
But I'm starting to feel better now, and this post will hopefully mark the beginning of a long string of new entries.

More news later - for now, please enjoy a handful of photos from my Papercuts & Gluesticks show opening!


stephanie said...

I love your work!
Beautiful solo show!!!
Just wanted to know if the birdcage piece (long) is still available?
Thank you!!


It might be!
As far as I know, it is still available.
If you're interested, contact Kari, who owns the gallery. Here's the website:

MELANIE said...

Your work is so lovely. I stopped by last week to check out the show.


Oh, hooray! And thank you for the mention on your blog - I'm always happy to discover new design/inspiration blogs. Thanks for leaving a comment!

Anonymous said...

What a fantastic looking show. Your art is beautifully displayed and the space is light and inviting. Congrats again!
p.s. love your dress:)