Friday, April 29, 2011

Taking Flight

Happy Friday, my friends!

I'll be spending nearly every waking moment of my weekend finishing up preparations for my AG Gallery show, which opens this Monday. This little exhibition will include lots of cut paper and a few paintings inspired by my St. Joe camping trip.

This is the little blurb about the show:

Claire Mojher is a designer/illustrator in the Design Studio who often has dreams of flying.

Paying tribute to her fascination with things that float, glide or defy gravity, and her occasional desire to simply escape, Claire’s one-woman show—Flight—debuts today in the Gallery.

The artwork on display will be cut paper and paintings. The birds are cut and layered paper in framed glass. The
plein air landscapes are either watercolor or acrylic. They were inspired by a recent camping trip to Port St. Joe, Florida, where Claire spent six glorious days among sand dunes and cypress. Taking flight into the wild is something she would do every day, if she could.

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