Thursday, September 17, 2009

Safe Journeys

Spent a lovely afternoon by lake Erie this past weekend, watching the sailboats gliding along the water, a perfect mirror of the clear blue sky. I really miss sailing in the canals and lakes of Florida with my family.

As I looked out over the broad lake, I could imagine perfectly the slap of the waves on the bow as we cut through the water, the fine spray that shone in the sunlight, the loud flapping and drumming of the sails and the ropes, the sleepy feeling of being lulled by the rise and fall and rise of the boat followed by half-panicked excitement of having to abruptly cut the sails and turn the boat into the wake cause by a passing, discourteous speed-boater.

There's something about watching the sails slip along the horizon that makes me feel perfectly at ease, if also a little envious. I'd like to slip along the horizon in my own little ship.

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David Fedan said...

Really nice designs, Claire- that ship in the middle is darn cute!