Monday, May 18, 2009

Happy Commission

This was a fun one!

I've done quite a few cut-paper collages in the past, but creating a digital collage was delightful. I scanned tons of paper I had lying around, then chose the ones I liked best. Although I was using a wacom pen rather than scissors, I still cut my shapes out first, then moved them around, playing with various arrangements and placement. The digital aspect allowed me to caper about with color changes and pattern size, making little adjustments here and there.

I did perhaps miss out on some of the happy accidents that occur with hand-assembly, but the flexibility of working digitally was just plain fun :)

(Click on image for full size)


Victor McCay said...

Hey Claire,
It looks like you 'cut out' the letters too. Did you, or is that a font? Very nice!


I did use a font, although I altered many of the letters for a more handmade appearance :)