Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Slovak Bride

I am intrigued by my heritage and for a while now have been wanting to explore Slovak lore and myths, traditional costumes and general history in my work... I think there is endless richness in studying ones genealogy and looking over your shoulder at those people who gave you those freckles or that red beard or this penchant for spicy foods.

This is just a little drawing of a bride. Hopefully the first of many more pieces celebrating Slovak culture to come.

On a related note, Blind Loves (Slepe Lásky) is a fantastic little film from Slovakia that I caught at the Cleveland International Film Festival last night. I highly recommend it to everyone!


julia said...

beautiful!! i love bright colors mixed with a lot of black.


Thanks! Yeah, I've been trying to use shapes in black a lot more recently.

I've always avoided it in my own work despite loving chunks of black in others' art. Now I'm giving it a try.