Friday, February 20, 2009

Veggie Love

So sorry about my lapse in posting recently!

Yesterday evening was the first in a week when I was able to just relax at home after a very long day at work. All other evenings have been filled with yoga classes and grocery shopping. I'm enjoying a two-week Inner Bliss Yoga Studio immersion, which means daily yoga practice and only whole, unprocessed foods (to make a long story short). It's a little tricky trying to find foods without added sugar, salt, preservatives, etc. in our local market, but I've had success so far! And have been happily experimenting with lots of new recipes.
I sure am missing my beloved pasta and bread. And would love a slice of cheese! But I'm feeling fabulous and light and cheerful, and am enjoying the challenge.

Sunday, I spent the day hanging a gallery show, so I've been taking a break from artwork during my spare time. I'll post photos of the show soon...

Happy, happy Friday, my friends!

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