Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Baltimore, Revisited.

Here we are!
So nervous, we were.
And here's John... ruining the photo.
...or making it better?

A close-up of part of the table. Pretty challenging to arrange 3 artists' work within such a small space. We muddled out a more suitable arrangement the next morning.

Downtown! Walking to the Harbor.
Very exciting for me - I'd love to come back for the aquarium and the museums. We could only peer through the windows.

We three!
Such an energy-sapping but thoroughly enjoyable trip. Let's go back!

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rico said...

Great photos! Everyone that visited my table that asked, "See anything cool at the con I should check out?" Got sent to you guys! Unfortunately I told them they had to check out the set-up these 3 ladies had down there at the corner. Sorry John! You guys had some awesome works of art!