Wednesday, August 22, 2007


My gallery show at American Greetings ended last week. I sold 25 pieces and over 80 prints! The show also resulted in my being commissioned for 3 original pieces of art - two victorian-esque portraits for an associate and one Day of the Dead painting for my Art Director.
I'll do the portraits in the antique-looking oil rub technique of my Ringling days.
Here are some rough color studies so far:
She'll have a locket with a tiny painting of her dog inside. Her dog wearing a suit, no less!

Below are six of some of the newest pieces I've finished. Each was graphite, ink and oil, displayed in a wooden frame with a metal tag hanging from the bottom. Hand painted in white on each tag were the accompanying phrases - my own compositions.

He knew they'd never appreciate his choice of pajamas.

Unbeknownst to most, she actually enjoyed their chosen nesting place.

She hadn't been truly concerned until the chairs took flight.

He never really gave up his dream of a fleet of silver dirigibles.

She found the additional lace to be excessive.

She was usually found to be lingering in quiet places.


Pat! said...

Congrats on the AG show! How's Cleveland been treating you?

Anonymous said...

I love the blog! Best of luck and I can't wait for new installments!